Friday, March 04, 2005

So Wolfowitz is, thankfully, out, but now Carly Fiorina is apparently in.

For those unfamiliar with her, Fiorina was the CEO of HP until a few weeks ago, when HP's board of directors effectively gave her the boot. The reason: her attempt at "synergizing" HP was a disaster. Aside from all her marketing wizardry and the Compaq merger, evidently all she actually delivered was a string of dismal sales and more than a few disgruntled executives.

I'd still put her one step above Wolfowitz -- as far as I know, she never condoned the torture of, say, any Dell sales reps -- but she still doesn't fit the bill.

As I mentioned earlier, for all its flaws the World Bank is still one of the world's most important organizations. Its policies and directives touch as many lives as pretty much any other institution, save perhaps the IMF.

For that reason it needs someone who can deliver substance rather than style. Fiorina may be a marketing wiz, but she has yet to demonstrate she can deliver a high standard of corporate performance. The head of the World Bank needs to be someone who has.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur. In the words of another famous Wolf--Dr. Charles R. Wolf of Needham & Company--Fiorina is "all front and no back". The possbility of placing a modestly successful marketer turned value-destroying CEO into this position is preposterous and would be devasting to the World Bank and its mission. Surely there must be someone who is more appropriate than either Wolfowitz or Carleton S. Fiorina.


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