Monday, February 28, 2005

You know you're struggling as Defense Secretary when one of the prominent military websites,, begins calling you out on budgetary malfeasance.

From the site's main blog today:

Since the fall, Rumsfeld & Co. have been dipping into the Army's day-to-day funds -- like money for soldiers' paychecks -- and then daring Congress not to make up the difference with a second, "supplemental" pile of cash.

The tab comes due this Spring, Defense Daily reports. The Army needs $41 billion of that supplemental kitty by then, or else it is going to go broke, without cash left to pay G.I.s.

The rest of the post works out the math, but the point is simple: to ensure that congress had to pass their supplemental bill, the pentagon used funds congressionally-earmarked for soldiers' pay for other purposes.

Maybe I've been in Austria too long, but furchtbar is the word that springs to mind.


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