Monday, February 28, 2005

Assuming you actually return to this site in the future, I expect you'll find one of my pet subjects to be economic and political development throughout Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa specifically.

In that regard, evidently the new book by Jeffrey Sachs, "The End of Poverty", is already having an impact: the International Herald Tribune concludes its massive, full-page editorial on African poverty today by reciting verbatim a key excerpt.

Whether or not people will listen remains an open question, but congratulations to the Tribune for having the courage to at least pass on the message. African development makes sense not only for the obvious moral reasons, but also for important economic and geo-political ones as well.


Anonymous Addison said...


A great start to this site. I'm particularly interested to follow the Africa coverage.

In addition to Sachs' contributions, it's important to give credit to Tony Blair for making African development a priority not only in England (DFID, their equivalent of USAID, is at the forefront of African development), but also for the G-8. He wrote an editorial in The Economist (Dec. 29, 2004) championing the importance of making Africa a global priority.

Hopefully his example will spur others to follow.


10:08 AM  
Blogger Dave Schuler said...

Keep posting! You might have an interest in my post in reaction to the Time magazine cover story on Sachs's plan to end poverty, “Just avert your eyes”. I include a fairly meaty section on the sub-Saharan medical brain drain (one of my pet topics).

8:47 AM  

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