Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'll comment more on this later, but in my opinion the most important European legal ruling of the year was just handed down in Britain. As the London Times reports, a British Court of Appeals ruled that "Denbigh High had breached the Human Rights Act" in prohibiting Shabina Begum from wearing a headscarf in school.

Prior to this ruling, it had seemed that even Britain was heading in the direction of France, which for very liberal reasons takes an incredibly conservative stance towards religious expressions in the public realm.

Like I said, more later on this. But for the time being, congrats to the British courts for having the courage to allow religious expression, regardless of the religion in question.


Anonymous mike meserole said...

So this is the blogosphere, eh? Too much reading material. Can't stay, but wanted to send a raspberry your way saying the French are actually right about the scarfs. Keep up, the good work, Jacques. Next stop: Yankees hats.

9:15 AM  

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