Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Big Pharma and the Chocolate Factory ... For twenty years now, my family has doubted me, my friends have doubted me, the whole world has conspired against me. 'Chris,' they would say, 'you're crazy. Your sweet tooth has gone to your brain. Chocolate may be tastey, but it's certainly not good for you!' 'Au contraire,' I would reply, and then, for utter lack of empirical evidence, mutter something unintelligible before popping back a few more M&Ms.

Now, however, I have, at long last, finally been vindicated:

Mars Inc. said yesterday it is holding "serious discussions with large pharmaceutical companies" about the development of a line of cocoa-based prescription drugs that could help treat diabetes, some forms of dementia and other ailments.

The McLean candy and food conglomerate for more than a decade has pursued research on the possible health benefits of cocoa flavanols, compounds contained in one of the basic ingredients of chocolate.

As about 20 Mars-funded researchers gathered in Lucerne, Switzerland, to discuss their latest findings, the company announced that it foresees a possible line of pharmaceuticals growing out of the work and that it was being pursued by drug companies interested in the medical applications of cocoa.

Many thanks to reader SM for the tip to this. I've long dreamed this day would come, but never thought it would actually happen.


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