Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The following is an excerpt from the 'blogging theory' post below:

C) 'Super' Blogs

Form. Each additional blog author increases the number of possible internal conversational pairs by a factor of n+1. For a collective blog of 20 authors this means that there are 400 internal possibilities while for one of 200 there are 40,000. When you add in the possibility of both internal and external group dialogue the conversational possibilities begin to approach infinity. A linear organizational structure is not capable of coherently ordering the stylistic and topical dissonance that would result. In order to be viable, 'super' blogs need to evolve an elastic structure capable of introducing the full breadth of their dialogic content in an immediately accessible way. At present the only software able to accomplish this is Google's email software, but it is not currently available for use in a blogging format.


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