Sunday, March 20, 2005

On certain issues, I'm somewhat sympathetic to states' rights activists. The abortion debate, for instance, is one issue which I think would be far more effectively resolved on a state by state basis.

Yet when it comes to individual states initiating independent relations with foreign sovereignties, there is no such fine line. Which is why the recent trip of Louisiana's Governor Blanco to Cuba is simply ridiculous. Unlike the previous two trips by U.S. Governors to communist Cuba, Blanco's comments there did not merely stick to the trade relations currently allowed under U.S. law:
"I want to tell you that we're very proud to be here," the governor told a news conference in which the agreements were signed. "The people of Louisiana wish to say to the people of Cuba ... much love and respect is extended across the Gulf of Mexico."
True, Blanco may have been elected to a state government rather than our federal one. But when you're on foreign soil it doesn't matter. No elected official has the right to undermine national foreign policy while traveling abroad, which -- given the present administration's closed stance towards Cuba -- Blanco's comments clearly did.

Note: thanks to KI for the tip.


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