Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So just when we thought all was clear, Bush does in fact go for Wolfowitz.

Since I've already written, briefly, about why we can do better than Wolfowitz, my first instinct was to lay a more thorough argument against him now that he's been officially tapped.

But what else could I say that isn't already obvious?

Until I see a thorough argument for why he actually should head the World Bank, I'll save my breathe.

UPDATE: Predictably, the European press is up in arms over this. That Germany would go nuts was obvious, but even Britain is getting in on the action...By no means am I a Europhile, but I can't help but believe that the World Bank still needs Europe behind it to function effectively. As much as the Bank may need a strong and disciplined leader, Bush can't afford to approach installing one in the same way he approached Iraq; unilateralism isn't going to work in an organization as intentionally multilateral as the World Bank.


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